We believe in creativity and quality work with full satisfaction of the clients. We have undertaken planning and design consultancy assignments in a wide variety of projects, which includes Residences, Showrooms, Offices, etc. In addition we also do special projects of modernization and upkeep.

Interior & Furniture Designing

Residences Resorts Cafes/clubs/lounges Showrooms Offices Makeovers/Renovations - Bedroom Makeovers, Living / Garden Area Makeovers, Terrace / Lawn Gardens, Bathroom Makeovers

Other Features provided by us to the clients are:

To visit the site and taking down the measurement in details. To have a meeting with the family or other occupants to understand requirements. To present the client with abstract of design and estimated budget. To prepare lay out plans for initial approval. To specify and details of different items for purpose of taking estimates from different contractors. To help the client in selection of contractors for different works. To supervise work performed by the contractors on the site.

Consultancy & Services will include the following:

Layout Plan
Ceiling Design
Electrical Drawings
Flooring Design
Plumbing Drawings
Toilet and Kitchen Design
Room Interiors
Colour Combinations
Furnishing Selection
Wooden Details
Material selections
Vaastu Consultancy ( if required)

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